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Yarbrough School District


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Our Small Wind System


After over 2 years of research, including the collection of on-site wind data since September of 2006, through a partnership with the Oklahoma Wind Power Initiative, Yarbrough School District made the decision to purchase and have installed a 50KW small wind system turbine in an effort to off-set electricity costs. The Entegrity EW50 turbine has been placed on the south-east corner of the school property and is estimated to produce 1/3 of the school’s annual electricity needs. The total project cost is $180,000 with the funds being provided through a low interest (3%) loan through the Oklahoma Department of Commerce’s “Energy Loan Fund for Schools” program to be repaid over the next 9 years. Estimates put the project paying for itself in 9 to 12 years with the turbine life at 30 years. In working with Tri- County Electric and our state legislators, a monthly “net metering” program has been agreed upon which will allow the school to receive the full retail value for the electricity produced during the month. This will effectively allow the school to use electricity that is over-produced (for example, on a windy night) during a time when the demand for electricity is greater (for example, during the school day). Combine the concept of net metering with the possibility of selling “green credits” and the project becomes even more attractive. The project was completed and the turbine began to generate power at noon on September 30, 2008. If you would like additional information on the EW50 turbine, or if you have specific questions regarding the wind system project,please give Mr. Wiggin a call.