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Yarbrough School District


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Students in grades PreK through 8th participate in the Accelerated Reader program.

At the beginning of each nine week period, students are STAR tested to determine their reading level and also to set their reading goal. Throughout the nine weeks, students read books and then are tested on them. Depending on how they do on the AR test, the students earn points toward their goal. At the end of each nine week period, all of the students who met their goal are rewarded with an AR party. If a student makes their goal all four nine week periods, they get to go on the end of year AR field trip. Field trips in the past have included swimming, pizza, movies, bowling, and various museums. We try to make the final reward a big celebration. This year, if a student does not make their goal, they can make it up the next nine week period. Of course they have to make their current nine week period goal before they can use points to make up for a previous nine week period. While points can be used to redeem goals that have been missed, they cannot be banked for future goals. The only nine week period which cannot be made up is the last nine week period.

Parents may check their child's progress by clicking on the "AR Home Connect" button on the front page and following the instructions.

If you have any questions, please call or come by the school.